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In the school holidays (including half-term and training days) we offer a full and varied programme of activities and trips. Each week has a theme with the activities and outings based around it. For children staying all day, a mid-morning snack and a light afternoon tea is provided. Our Holiday Play-Schemes are located at:

What We Offer


Fully supervised care throughout each of the school holidays for children aged 4 - 14 (once they have started their reception class)  from 8am to 6pm. Our intention is to provide a relaxing and friendly atmosphere in which children may participate in arts and crafts, play games, read or chat amongst themselves in a safe and secure environment. Each week has a theme to it and the activities and outings are based around that theme. A nutritious mid-morning and afternoon snack will be provided. We always make arrangements for special diets and aim to provide healthy eating options.

We are a self-directed PLAY based provision.

“Play is a process that is freely chosen, personally directed and intrinsically motivated. That is, children and young people determine and control the content and intent of their play, by following their own instincts, ideas and interests, in their own way for their own reasons.”

This is very different from a classroom or early years environment, which can be (and sometimes needs to be) a very structured environment. We believe that after a term of learning, children want to come to us to have fun and freedom in an unstructured self motivated way. Children will learn other skills that they need in the growing up process, but in a different way to school.

Example of some of the activities available throughout the week:

Various arts & crafts, painting, hama beads, lots of outside games, (including basketball, football,tennis),  construction play, time to relax with friends or read a book, lots and lots of free play and children’s choice!

Special Activities & Trips

At least once a week, we will organise a special activity or trip, which we find that the children love. These are at an additional cost, to cover transport & entry fee’s. We ask that for trip days, (i.e. when we are off site) that your child(ren) arrive by the set departure time (which will be advertised in advance on the holiday programme), as it is unfair to other children to delay the trip if a child is late and therefore this may mean we have to leave without your child(ren).

Daily Routine

Each day in the holiday club is completely different and is based on what your children would like to do. However as a guideline the daily holiday club is made up of:

8:00 - Children start to arrive and engage in free play (Play Leader will sign them in, in the mornings)
9:30 - Specific activity 1
10:00 - Rolling mid-morning snack
10:30 - Specific activity 2
11:00 - 12:00 - Free play or continuation of specific activities
12:00 - Lunch (packed lunch to be provided by parents)
14:30 - Specific activity 3
15:00 - Rolling afternoon snack
16:30 - Specific activity 4
17:00 - Free play or continuation of specific activities
18:00 – Hometime (Parents to sign children out when they are collected)

What Food is provided

For children staying all day, a mid-morning snack (example of this would be fruit) and an afternoon snack (example of this would be wraps and salad sticks, soup, beans on toast) is provided. We ask you to provide a healthy nutritious packed lunch (in a container with your child’s name on). Please note all our clubs are nut free zone. Water is available to children throughout the day and squash is available at meal/snack times.


When should I book?

We normally open holiday club bookings around a month in advance of the holiday’s once we have finalised the holiday programme. This is to ensure you are aware of the activities and trips we have organised each day.

Book more than 5 working days in advance of the holidays to receive the Early Bird discounted rate!

We can take booking after this, but this is subject to availability and a late booking fee will be charged. 


The booking portal, will ask you to make payment via childcare voucher or credit / debit card once you have completed your booking. 

How to register and book

You can now make your Holiday Club booking (and payment) completely online. We do ask you review the holiday programme in advance of making your booking.

Holiday Play Scheme
Holiday Play Scheme

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