We are now taking bookings for our May Half-term Holiday Play-scheme – Booking deadline Friday 17th May 2019!!!

Our May half-term holiday programme is out and we included a mini trip to the Apple Store for the over 8's. All the rest of activities/games have been selected among children ideas.

Please note that we are only opening our Cottenham setting on Friday 24th May for the teacher training day.

Unfortunately, we are not planning to operate a holiday club at Meridian this Easter due to lack of demand. Your more than welcome to use any of our other holiday club settings.

Please make your bookings by the Friday 17th May 2019.

If there are other days which you would like us to open, please drop us an email (info@cambridgekidsclub.com) and if we receive sufficient demand (and we have staffing in place) we will do our best to make it happen.

You can now make your Holiday Club booking completely online.