PARS is the first ever model of playwork practice, which is built on the original philosophy for the adventure playground pioneers.

The PARS model aims to enable practitioners working with children to articulate, develop and evaluate their playwork practice, which is defined as compensating children for the presence of adults in their time and space.

PARS model offer a series of Theories, Methods and Techniques that allow the playworker to recognise children’s play and how their presence in children’s environment can affect children’s play.

  • Theories developed by academics from the 60s till nowadays will help the playworker to have background knowledge on how to support and increase interest in the environment available and resources provided for children to play.
  • Methods will help the playworker to decide what actions need to be taken in order to let children carry on with play or maybe stopped if become too dangerous.
  • Techniques are tools that allow playworkers to judge children’s play within a relative short time, taking a child perspective so that adulteration is avoided.

Playworker using these 3  instruments will provide children with more freedom to play in a secure and playful environment.


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