Child Protection

Cambridge Kids Club fully recognises the responsibility to have arrangements in place to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children.

All staff will be given a copy of the advice and guidance provided by the local child protection team and take part in approved training as soon as possible, with regular updates at a minimum of every 3 years. We will follow Cambridgeshire local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) procedures. The setting has regard for "Working Together to Safeguard Children - July 2018", and "What to do if you are worried a child is being abused - March 2015 (Department for Education).

A sign with a "Designate Personnel for Child Protection" (DP) name at the club and within the company will be made accessible to parents on a board. Parents are free to contact them at any time about any concern.

In the event that any member of staff notices any marks, injuries or other signs of physical abuse or neglect on a child sufficient to arouse suspicion of abuse, or if a child shows any other signs of abuse including using behaviour, words or descriptions sufficient to arouse suspicion the following procedure must be followed:

In the first instance, the staff who receives the information raising concerns will ensure the immediate safety of the child and complete "Log a concern about a child’s welfare" form immediately or as soon as is possible after the episode. Then notify the DP.

1. The DP will decide which action to take next, this may include seeking advice from Multy Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH), and/or making a referral to Social Care if necessary and/or the Police.
2. Any staff member may complete a "Log a concern about a child’s welfare" form without the Playleader being aware. However the DP must be informed as soon as possible.
3. The DP will also notify the Coordinator.
4. Under no circumstances should any suspicion be discussed with anyone other than the senior staff in charge except on a need to know basis. This includes other staff members, parents & solicitors
and other DP included.
5. The DP and staff member involved must use her/his discretion when deciding if it is appropriate to make the referral.
6. Ofsted must be written to with the details of any referral. Cambridge County Council Children’s and Young Peoples Services will also be informed that a referral has been made.

Equal Opportunities

We neither discriminate against nor favour any child, parent, employee, supplier or contractor on the grounds of his or her race, colour, culture, background, language, sexual orientation, social circumstances, gender, disability, religion, nationality or ethnic or national origin. The club is open and available to all parents/carers and children in the local community.

Equipment shall be available to children of either sex regardless of any traditional association as to sexual stereotyping. Similarly children shall not be encouraged to use or not use any equipment because it might until now have had some traditional association as to sexual stereotyping.

Children with special needs shall be encouraged to play as any other child except that care shall be taken to respect any disability and to accommodate it wherever possible. The layout of equipment shall take account of children with special needs so as to make it as accessible as possible.

Any person who considers his or herself to be subject to any form of discrimination is encouraged to bring this to the attention of the management in which situation our “Whistleblowing” policy will apply. We will treat any case seriously where a member of staff is found to be acting, or have been acting, in a discriminatory way, implementing our disciplinary procedures.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Bullying is the repeated harassment of others through emotional, physical, verbal or psychological abuse, for example:
• Emotional – Unkind words, tormenting, excluding;
• Physical – Using any form of violence against another person;
• Verbal – Using words to threaten attack or insult; and,
• Psychological – Causing fear or anxiety to others.

If bullying does occur then it must be addressed immediately in a sensitive manner. Children are encouraged to report bullying and staff must take this seriously. The child who has been the victim of bullying will be closely monitored and given full reassurance. The Playleader must inform the Coordinator if bullying occurs.

Parents of all children involved will be immediately informed of a bullying incident and staff will handle the matter sensitively. Bullying will be recorded on an incident form.

If the bullying is persistent then we would revert to our Suspensions and Exclusions policy.

Suspensions and Exclusions

In those exceptional cases where unacceptable behaviour persists on a long-term basis, a meeting with the parents will be called. All meetings must be documented and records kept at the club. If suspension or exclusion is a possibility, the child will be warned of this beforehand. This may not happen without a discussion taking place between the Playleader and Coordinator.

In the case of serious or dangerous incidents happening, the child will be suspended immediately. In these circumstances the child's parents/carers will be contacted immediately and asked to collect their child. The child will not be allowed to leave the setting without a parent/carer collecting them.

Suspensions and exclusions should be seen as a last resort as well as consistent, fair and proportionate to the behaviour concerned. Decisions to suspend should take account of the child’s age and maturity as well as any other relevant information.

When a suspension has taken place, a discussion will be
held between management, staff, parents and the child about conditions for their return.

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